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What is a Slim Wrap??

Slim Wraps at The Allamanda Gallery

So you know what a canvas is and you can kind of imagine what a metal print is but a "slim wrap" ? Sounds a little like health food we know but its actually another print finish option at The Allamanda Gallery. First we make a photographic print on metallic paper, mount it on Gator foam, add a soft satin laminate to protect it from bumps and give you a smooth silky finish. Finally, we add a mounting block to float it off the wall. Feather light and versatile, Slim wraps can be made as a single piece or split over a number of panels, either way they are stunning and perfect for tight spaces, with their low profiles and soft floaty finish. Various sizes available up to 24x36 inches No frame required, arrive ready to hang.

Order these under the Canvas section - just check the "order as slim wrap box" in order options. 


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